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Half a Day Handyman Only


Are you one of the many who has a to-do list that has built up over time? You are not alone!

What you get

An experienced friendly uniformed handyman

4 hours of handyman service

Fully Insured and WorkSafe BC approved

BBB A rated

All tools needed to complete the job

If you think you may need more than 4 hours of handyman service, give us a call to discuss and we can schedule you in.

Some examples of past residential customers so you can see what we can do in half a day!

Customer Jen

Installed chandelier
Installed curtain rod
Removed dining light fixture and installed a cap
Installed a dimmer
Assembled a small Ikea dresser

Customer Pam

Mounted a TV
Hung 2 large decorative mirrors
Installed a new bathroom fan
Installed a curtain rod

Customer Karen

Installed weather-stripping for a front door
Fixed broken front door handle
Removed old ceiling fan and installed a new one
Repaired a kitchen drawer

Customer Brice

Installed 4 sets of blinds
Re-caulked the bathtub
Re-caulked the kitchen sink
Re-installed a closet door
Installed a towel bar and toilet paper holder

Some examples of past commercial customers so you can see what we can do in half a day!

Customer Pre-School

Repaired cubby hooks
Caulked around a Teacher’s bathroom sink
Repaired blind
Hung puppets in junior kindergarten 3
Patched holes
Repaired the half door

Customer Condo Building

Replaced 2 ballasts
Installed 1 door closer
Drywall patch and paint

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