Dryer Vent Cleaning

Use our “Local Handyman Certified” air-powered dryer vent cleaning service. Our handymen are trained and equipped to clean your dryer and dryer vents with our air-powered-cleaning-system properly.

Our dryer vent cleaning services:

Service 1:

Residential single unit exterior vent cleaning service:

Our dryer vent cleaning is completed with outside access that is touchless and can be done without the client being home or present. Our reverse air system and vacuum system is used to safely access and clean the dryer vent by pushing all the lint to the outside of your home. Then, it is captured by our vacuum system to contain the lint. This air system is much safer on your venting, and very effective!

Service 2:

Clothes Dryer + Dryer Vent Cleaning service 

We will ensure that your dryer itself is cleaned along with your Dryer Vent. This is an excellent option if you have had your dryer for some time and have not had the vent cleaned recently. We apply the same dryer vent cleaning in this service as we do in standard service; however, your dryer is also cleaned.

We do require access to your home and your Dryer for this service.

Additionally, we can check all connections and hoses for you during this service and conduct repairs if need at an additional fee.