Why do Local Handyman Group current franchisees keep buying additional franchise territories?

85% of Local Handyman Group Success Partners now own multiple territories.

Three years after launching Local Handyman in White Rock, BC, Canada’s fastest-growing handyman franchise system now boasts 13 Success Partners, servicing 23 cities across Western Canada.

What is driving this success? In large part, our current success partners keep buying new franchises,” says Craig Jooste, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Handyman Group. “And they are buying their 2nd and 3rd franchise locations because their business is booming, and they see the opportunity to grow a large and lucrative business.

Calgary franchisees Kevin and Courtney started the trend two years ago when they launched their 3rd and then 4th franchise locations in Calgary, just six months after opening their doors.

Todd, our Maple Ridge franchise owner, bought his second Franchise 6 months after opening. Sean and Joy, our White Rock Success Partners, bought their second franchise location (Delta, BC) 2 years after opening. Our Regina Success Partners Ashley and Mike purchased their second territory within 12 months of starting their business (Regina East and Regina West).

I’m most proud of the fact that 85% of our franchisees now own multiple units. That is almost unheard of in franchising. I’ve been in franchising for a long time with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and WOW-1-DAY Painting, and one of the hallmarks of a great brand is when you see a trend of owners buy additional franchise locations. 

What that tells me is two things:

  1. The Local Handyman Group concept and business model is a great business that has the potential and showing the potential of growth.

      2. Our franchisees love the business. And love the growth that comes along with it.

I bet that the majority of our franchises will be multi-unit owners within five years.

Why are so many Success Partners expanding their franchise operations at such an early stage in their business cycle?

1. Low start-up costs and a low-cost operating model.

A Local Handyman Group franchise doesn’t require real estate and expensive build-outs; it is the true, mobile-based, home services franchise model. This keeps the costs of an additional new location down to a new van, some tools, some marketing materials and the right handyman. This set up also means that a handyman franchise is a low cost to operate. “We really can run our business from our van and a mobile phone,” says Jooste. “Coupled with our strong focus on marketing systems, our speed to break even, which is our main focus at the start-up stage, has been fast across our network. As a CEO and Co-founder, and operator of a business, I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur. I know the stress of starting a business, wondering when I will make enough money to cover my costs. So, we developed a business model that makes it a primary focus. Because of this focus, it is allowing our Success Partners to ramp up quickly, and in turn, buy additional locations.”

2. Huge market demand.

The Local Handyman Group Success Partners operate in a massive market with an ever-growing need, with 10 million homes and businesses in Canada that need help with their handyman tasks. People have less time; people are becoming less handy; people embrace outsourcing home functions more than ever before in history; our

consumer market is growing; our commercial market is growing. And it isn’t going to stop. And our services won’t go away when a recession hits. Its. A significant and stable growing market.

3. The business is automated, so it’s easy to scale.

Local Handyman Group has technology that will run most of the business’s functions, from estimates, booking, routing, invoicing and collecting payment, all digitally. Our website speaks to our CRM, which speaks to our scheduling software, online booking and QuickBooks etc. Our marketing plans are also fully integrated for scaling your business. This creates a path to build a business that can grow quite quickly.

4. Our customers come back. 

Another factor leading to the high rate of success partners acquiring multiple locations is that the repeat customer rate is high. “Typically, when a business or a consumer orders our service, once they experience us, we become a regular fixture in their homes and business. I know that the longer a Success Partner operates, the bigger their business should grow, as long as they execute according to our brand systems.

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About the Local Handyman Group

The Local Handyman Group changed the handyman business when it entered the industry with its professional and technology-driven approach to the industry in 2017. 

Today, the company is multiplying across Canada as it opens in new markets. Nineteen locations opened in only 30 months! With more than 23 towns and cities serviced in Western Canada with thousands of jobs completed makes Local Handyman Group the handyman industry leader in Western Canada.

The Local handyman group was named a Hall of Fame Franchise with the Canadian Franchise Association in 2020. 

Canadian Franchise Association Recognition Awards 2020

The Local Handyman Group is an innovative force! For more information,

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