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Small home and business repairs and installations don’t need to be stressful. At 250Handyman Kelowna and the communities of Kelowna Downtown, Black Mountain, Dillworth Mountain, Ellison, Glenmore, Joe Rich, South Kelowna, KettleValley, Lake Country, Carrs Landing, McKinley Landing, Lower Mission, North Glenmore, Kelowna North, Rutland, South East Kelowna, Springfield and Spall, University District, Upper Mission, Wildon, Clifton heights and Crawford Estates, we make scheduling a local handyman easy with a quick call or click.

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Ken and Deb Labossiere
Ken and Deb LabossiereFranchise Partner
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Ken and Deb Labossiere have called the Okanagan home since 1976, and now our family is proud to announce that we are launching 250Handyman Kelowna. We have had a passion for home improvement and maintenance since ‘96, but to us, it’s about making your house feel like home. Whether it’s a simple repair or that renovation you’ve been waiting for, we are just a call or click away. From our family to yours, we can’t wait to provide quality services to satisfy your personal and business needs in the Greater Kelowna Area.

Small Home and Business Repairs in the Greater Kelowna area, BC

Listed below is a small sample of some of the many home repair services we offer throughout Kelowna. If you have a home repair or installation project that you don’t see listed below, please give us a call.

Why Hire a Handyman for Home Repairs?

There are some home repair projects and home and business repairs that are complex enough that they require some outside help. Hiring a local handyman from 250Handyman in Kelowna, BC provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the job will get done properly the first time. This will end up saving you both time and money in the long run.

At 250Handyman Kelowna, professionalism is of utmost importance to us. When you let us in your home, you are trusting that we have the proper tools, training, and skills to complete the job in an efficient and effective manner. That is why all of our staff are friendly and uniformed, arriving at the job site on time and in a branded vehicle. When a handyman arrives at the job site, you can trust that they are fully insured and more than capable of completing the task at hand.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Handyman?

At 250Handyman in Kelowna, BC all of our handyman rates are competitive and affordable. To keep things simple, all of our rates are upfront with no hidden fees. You can hire a handyman for as little as 2 hours minimum to our 4-hour half-day handyman pack or book longer with a full day handyman pack or multi-day jobs. We also do all sizes and shapes of renovations in the Greater Kelowna area, so just call us for more information.


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At 250Handyman of Kelowna, we provide professional handyman, business and home repair services throughout all of Kelowna and surrounding areas including but not limited to:

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We are looking for energetic people that are customer service minded with experience in all aspects of home and business repair projects. If you are a highly organized handy person, have a passion for delivering outstanding results, enjoy working with your hands and want  to join a growing team that works hard and plays hard, then this role is for you!

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