Drywall Repairs

Do you need a drywall repair professional? Well, you’re in the right place! Sometimes it is hard to get a big drywall company to come out to do a small repair or project. Do you need a small, medium or large hole patched in your home or office walls or ceiling? Do you need drywall repairs and painting to finish your home or office project? Whatever the project, our team can patch the drywall and complete your project.

Most times drywall damage is just a surface issue. If the issues below have happened in your home or business, give Local Handyman a call!

  • A door handle damaged your drywall? Usually a small 3-inch hole to repair.
  • A plumber or electrician cut into your drywall to make repairs? Multiple small and medium holes to repair.
  • Movers accidentally damaged walls? Small holes, scrapes or marks?
  • Water damage on the bottom of some of your drywall?
  • Did you come home late and “trip” into a wall
  • Mysterious hole in the wall that no one is fessing up to?