Franchise Opportunity

Your Opportunity

The Local Handyman Group was essentially created out of a need that Kristen had, she couldn’t find anyone in her area to help her out when she moved into her house with a 2 month old and Craig was working downtown. The needs were simple, but, that was the problem – no one wants to do the small jobs. There was obviously a need out there for people to have their “honey-do” lists taken care of. She wanted to focus on making a “messy” industry professional again. Branded, professional, trustworthy and on-time were really important to focus on as customer service is key!

Kristen got Craig onboard right away, who saw this as not only a great opportunity for themselves, but for other like minded entrepreneurs. With many years of franchising experience they then started theprocess to franchise the Local Handyman Group in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland of BC as a starting point with franchises coming across Canada soon under the Handyman Group™.